Thursday, April 07, 2005

artistic licence

I like this example of lateral thinking, but it seems it's been nipped in the bud again by people who won't believe it's just art:

A strip club in the United States that attempted to get around a ban on full nudity by giving patrons sketch pads for special "art nights" was cited for violating the city's nudity rules, officials said. The citation was issued on Monday night to the Erotic City Gentleman's Club in Boise in Idaho. Boise allows full nudity for "serious artistic" expression only, so the club handed out pencils and sketch pads to patrons so they could sketch naked women. However, a police spokeswoman said officials concluded that patrons were not focused on art, so officers cited three dancers for violations of the city nudity ordinance.

Meanwhile, I've been receiving a series of postcards from my girlfriend who lives in Paris and has just been to an exhibition of Gustav Klimt's erotic drawings. She writes, "Sadly, they only sell 'politically correct' postcards so I couldn't send you some of the special X-rated, masturbatory ones." Considering one of the postcards she's sent contains an image worthy of a Penthouse centrefold, I'm amazed they weren't censored by Australia Post too. I couldn't find the drawings she sent me on-line, but they're very similar to this one:

Now remember--focus on art, everyone.