Thursday, March 31, 2005

urge overkill

This NYT story, "We all have a life. Must we all write about it?", about the proliferation of memoirs being published (first czeched out at Jozef's) made me laugh, at myself as well. After all, blogging's a form of memoir, isn't it? Though it's odd that the writer didn't mention blogs in the context. This bit was interesting:

"[The memoir writer's] efforts may be as fundamental as breathing. John Eakin, an emeritus professor of English at Indiana University, has argued that human beings continuously engage in a process of self-creation and self-discovery by constructing autobiographical narratives. In a sense, we are the stories - multiple, shifting and constantly evolving - that we weave about ourselves, and this storytelling urge may even be hard-wired."

Ah, so that's it. Can't be helped then, I guess.