Wednesday, March 09, 2005

still more technical difficulties

I'm surprised we even made it this far, me and my computer. I bought it second-hand from work about five years ago; it's probably over a decade old, quite an antique, and it's always been painfully slow and crotchety. So frankly, I'm amazed I even squeezed two years' worth of blogging out of it, when it's always had such insurmountable iss-ewes.
But lately, it has been entertaining some especially nasty kind of back-door worm or something, or so I'm told. It has only been letting me log-on about once in every twenty attempts, and it now reliably crashes every five minutes.
As an interim measure while I try and scrape together some cash to buy a new (second-hand) one, my father has agreed to let me borrow one of his old, though still functional, museum pieces.
He said, "I have to warn you though, it's running Linux." I said, "OK, so I'll learn Linux, can't be that hard can it?" and he said, "Well, not as such...but this happens to be the German version." Oh. So now I have to learn to drive a new operating system as well as try to make sense of it with my kauderwelch.
Never mind. Anyway, for the time being I'm still stuck with this one, so I'll grit my teeth and soldier on. And guess what? I actually have a few posts I hope to get up later today, once we get back from playgroup. So...see ya round.