Tuesday, March 22, 2005

i still don't got the blues

Another year, another Bluesfest rolls by without me. This year, me and Harley will be 'babysitting' my friend's teenage daughter at their house, while my friend and her man are driving a campervan north for the pilgrimage. Jealous! But never mind. What goes around, comes around...maybe I'll cash in the favour this time next year, haha.
It's been wintry here the past few days, really cold, and wet. It's the sort of weather where the sky is black and everything's shiny with rain, and then the sun inexplicably bursts out and there's that strange, enchanted light everywhere. And you walk along thinking how the greens look so incredibly green and you realise just how many shades of green there are, and how good it all looks against the sparkling dark grey of the road and the sky.
And then while you are in the shops all hell breaks loose again outside, and you have to wait for around half an hour until there's a break and you can scamper home again...up the street...around the corner...up the big hill, down the big hill (look, there's the ocean, Harley!), up our street....and home. Ahhhhh.
Auntie #1 is coming to stay a few days at Easter, too. That reminds me, there's a certain surfing lesson to organise....Speaking of which, an update of sorts:-
Most people who come over seem to politely ignore the naked man pinned to my living room wall, which means it's either a really bad drawing, or they just don't want to know the details. I've only done three drawings so far and I've only put the third one up. The first one was crap, while the second one was good until the model decided to add in a giant erect penis when I wasn't looking.
I joked to the model that it's kind of like Arabian nights. Maybe when I've done a thousand drawings I might sleep with him. (Joked being the operative word here....)