Friday, March 11, 2005

having it all

Two particularly loathsome arguments by women writers in the mass media lately (both via Tim).
Over here, we have Glenda Korporaal telling us we Aussie chicks can have it all, so long as we're prepared to walk over our Asian sisters to get it. I don't know...paying a Filipino maid peanuts to scrub your house and look after your kids sounds like a recipe for "shaken baby syndrome" to me. No thanks, sweetheart.
Meanwhile, over here we've got Miranda Devine telling us we really just want a rich man. Makes you wonder, is Miranda married? If so, is he a prince, or just some other really rich guy? And if not, heaven's, what's she doing wasting her time on a career in journalism, when she's just been arguing we should give in and focus all our efforts on our true ambitions of being a wife.
You go, girls...and stay gone.