Wednesday, February 02, 2005

riding in cars with boys

The other day I told my mum how I'd recently made friends with a nice guy who runs the local surf school. He lives above the local general store and I've gotten to know him a bit over the months. He offered to give me lifts if I need to get around, since I don't have a car, and I told my mother I was planning on taking him up on the offer so I can get to playgroup, which isn't on the bus route.
Big mistake. She's obviously been stewing about this ever since I mentioned it. First thing this morning, the day playgroup starts up again, she calls me.
"Gianna, I've been thinking. Why can't you find a nice mother to give you a lift instead?"
"What? Why?"
"Because you can't just use a man for a lift like that!"
"He offered! What, so I can "use" another mother but not a guy?"
"Gianna, get real. He is going to expect something in return."
"For god's sake, he's just being nice! And even if he is being sleazy, I'm 34, remember? I think I can fend off any unwanted advances."
"I'm telling you, you'd better watch out. You're going to get a reputation."
I burst out laughing.
"A reputation! Mum, this is not some Italian village in the 40s."
"Listen, what does he even know about kids, huh?"
"He's only driving me five minutes up the road! And besides, his brother has twin babies. So he does have experience with kids. I mean, what is your problem? Just because he's got a dick, I shouldn't get in a car with him?"
"Gianna, now you listen to me. You go away and think about this, okay?"
Earth to my mother. It's 2005. Women can be friends with men.