Monday, January 31, 2005

gone to the dogs

After we got back from Sydney there were about three days of monsoons before we managed to get back over to the beach. And it was very depressing. We found it virtually ruined after the Australia Day parties. There was broken glass everywhere, the charcoal leftovers of wooden pallets people dragged in from god-knows-where to make bonfires, fireworks and other party debris strewn around. They'd even smashed up some of the steps going down to the beach. I assume this is the work of tourists and not locals, who surely wouldn't shit in their own nest. Would they?
I told my neighbour I was going to call the Council to come and clean it up but he said he had rung them that many times about that many things, and nobody ever came. He reckoned they could pay someone to come and just stand there handing out fines. It's true. There's signs everywhere saying no dogs after 8am ($200 fine) and no dogshit ($400 fine) but you see a million dogs every day and I've seen plenty taking a dump in the sand while their owners are out surfing. Which is gross. I mean, I can live with all the dogs because Harley loves them, but I would appreciate people pooperscooping their dog's shit. But mostly I just mind the things like broken beer bottles and fireworks and ciggie butts. The Council have placed all these huge ugly signs along the beach access road announcing "We care. Do you?" and giving their phone number. Doesn't seem like they care at all though.