Monday, November 29, 2004

lone wolf theory

Had to wince a bit yesterday when I heard Mark Latham drag out that line, "In politics, disunity is death". Because the embarrassing thing is, in 2004, even unity was death.
Still, having read this article about the Latham loss in the Oz at the weekend, I have to say it sounds as if Labor was far less united under Latham than we all thought. Or it was kind of one-sided unity: We all got behind Latham as our one great hope, but Latham allegedly acted the 'lone wolf' throughout his campaign.
You know that saying, nothing succeeds like success? Well, the reverse is also true: nothing fails like failure. So I just can't see Latham getting another bite at the cherry, cruel as it seems.
You wonder how true the stories are though, don't you? There's always bound to be one or two disgruntled staffers who'll spin it like this. But if it is true, well, then Latham deserves to bear the blame for the failed campaign.