Tuesday, November 16, 2004

lightness of being

I've been worrying there's something wrong. I seem to have no appetite and I've lost a lot of weight lately, or so I'm told by a few people who hadn't seen me in a while.
I guess people did say the baby weight would drop off once he started crawling. Or it could just be because I'm in love. I used to lose weight sometimes if I had it real bad. I got it bad.
It's been interesting though, the changes to your body after having a baby. Contrary to all expectations I actually like my body better now. I can't say I feel any of the body loathing that the media encourages me to feel, post-pregnancy. The daily walking, pushing 20 kilos up and down hills, has made me a lot fitter than I ever was before (not that it's hard being fitter than a sloth), and I know I'm stronger because things are easier to lift. Moving house will be easier than last year when I was seven months pregnant...
It's possible the weightloss is just because in recent months I have been eating what the baby eats instead of the other way around. So I'm probably grazing more and not getting very hungry. I often don't have time to cook a proper meal for myself so if I'm steaming the baby some vegies, I'll just have some of that too. The only other thing I can think of is I switched to drinking soy milk about a month ago.
My sister started to get cranky after I told her I'd accidentally lost weight. She is still carrying her baby weight. She says it's because the baby's crawling now.
"Now you'll get busy," she said, long-suffering. She always acts as if I have it really easy because I only have one child compared to her two. She's kind of competitive.
"Hmm, I dunno, I've been busy from the start."
To my other sister I said, "I don't miss the man."
"What do you mean," she said suspiciously. "Which man?" and now I had her full attention. She often reads her emails while on the phone to me. It drives me crazy. I said I meant the role of the spouse; it's not a gender thing. I just never stop to consider there could be someone else helping, another set of hands. It must be bloody great.
Anyway, enough about me. No, really! I'm going to start talking about John Howard again real soon, you watch.