Saturday, November 20, 2004

go ahead, don't make my day....

OK, I get the hint. Ever since our curbside standoff a few weeks ago, my neighbor has arranged to do the very noisiest things possible at the very time he knows my baby is supposed to sleep. In quick succession: spider-spraying the house; re-laying carpets and tiles; something involving two days' worth of jackhammers (again, only during the baby's regular nap periods), and--the piece de resistance--sawing down a massive tree right across from Harley's window. That ended up being fun though, we ended up getting up and dragging chairs outside and watching all the little men up in the tree. I've never seen tree-felling done this way (professionally, I suppose). They go down the tree, sawing off little half-metre chunks all the way down the trunk. They didn't even shout, "TIM----BER!!!!".
Little does my neighbor know that the baby can sleep through sledgehammers.
Well...he used to. In the past two days seems everything has changed again. The baby now refuses to sleep all day but is sleeping from about 9pm til 6:30am, and I'm told I shouldn't complain about that. I don't know, I miss the two regular two-hour day sleeps--doing an eight hour day shift is insane. At four o'clock yesterday, I found myself in the kitchen crying into a teatowel for a minute, moaning my god this is harder than I thought. I rang a friend and she kacked herself and said, "Welcome to motherhood". It's really been turned up to eleven lately.
Anyway, I really think the guy doesn't like me. I mean, maybe I'm just paranoid....anyway, leaving soon so it'll be moot.