Wednesday, October 27, 2004

fallen idol

Well, that’s Australian Idol for me this season; Chanel was voted off this week. I think she was just too Bjork for the voting audience but that’s OK, it’s not all about what 13 year old girls think. Wearing her hair in those Mickey Mouse bunches and then saying she was ‘taking the mickey’ was probably slightly over the heads of the voting audience though. Me, I didn’t think much of the “R&B” song choice (by someone called Brandi or Cherry or Ashanti or something) because I think there are so many absolute classics she could’ve chosen. Aretha...But that’s so last century, I guess. (I feel old sometimes…)
My favourite sound and look for Chanel is punkish angel vamp--like she did when she did that Sam Brown number. Dishevelled in ripped fishnets with a slightly Portishead sound.
But I have to agree with Dicko that the outfit this week was too outlandish. She has great pins but I’m not really much of a fan of shorts on girls (unless it’s the sexy zookeeper cum Terri Irwin look, or your boyfriend’s boardies with your bikini top, both of which have their time and place).
Anyway, it’s a shame she went. I would’ve liked to have seen her do a Mazzy Star or Lucinda Williams number, I think. Maybe Blue Light or Five String Serenade from Mazzy and Ventura or People Talkin’ from Lucinda. Sigh. Could’ve been…should’ve been awesome.