Saturday, October 02, 2004

dream time

It's been raining--no, flooding--here for the past few days so we're stuck inside again today and I can't go get the Saturday papers. Oh well, that's OK I guess, one less thing on the "to do" list. At least the internet's working today. It's been a bit iffy lately because of all the storms.
So, a week to go til the elections, though Murdoch's still claiming it's "65 days to go", which I just don't understand. I've been wondering lately how the flavor of the blogosphere will change after the election. If Howard gets in again, I think it may just break the heart of this Lefty blogger. After all, it will mean the Australian people are happy to let their Prime Minister practically get away with murder. It will feel like, god, what do you have to DO in this country to get kicked out of Government? I mean, for the past few years we bloggers have been chronicling deceit after deceit after deceit by our Prime Minister. Surely, surely Australia won't put up with it. Surely.
Curiously, I had a dream last night that Latham absolutely caned Howard. Yes, I really did dream about it. Sad eh? Was most disappointed to realise I'd only imagined the whole thing.