Wednesday, September 29, 2004

trash from the treasurer

OK, I'll come out of semi-retirement to say this. He must think we are complete fools:

"I'm treasurer, and I've been the treasurer for eight and a half years and I am running for re-election as treasurer because I think the economic issues are very important," Mr Costello replied. "That's my position. I am running for re-election as a member of parliament and as treasurer."
When pushed again on whether he would pursue the prime minister's job, the treasurer repeated: "My aspiration is to be re-elected to the job that I'm doing."

Duh! Of course you're running for re-election as treasurer, sunshine. Someone called John Howard is running for PM. OK? We get that. That's not in dispute 10 days before the election. What we want to know is, are you up for the PM's job after the election. Why are you guys so squirmy on this issue?
And it's worth quoting Tony Abbott from the Sunday show of 14 March, as printed on The Great Federal Election Scratchie I received in the mail today (I got three Howards, which is a very depressing thought):
You might get..."two years of Howard and one year of Costello, or one year of Howard and two years of Costello."


elsewhere: Tim doesn't appreciate the sleaziness either.