Monday, September 06, 2004

low profile

Just to change the subject, had to have a laugh at disgraced businessman Rodney Adler's expense at the weekend. He granted Richard Zachariah at the Sunday Tele an "exclusive" (or so it said in the print edition) to air some dirty laundry of his, a little dispute he's having with North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club over $20 or $50 depending on who you believe. Apparently some "derogatory remarks" about him were made.

"He (Mr Wright) asked me if I was having financial difficulties. The bill was $20. Who is he to ask me about financial problems?" Mr Adler said, adding, "I had moved houses a couple of times and never received the bill." The increasingly reclusive businessman told The Sunday Telegraph yesterday: "I have been trying to lead a peaceful life. I have a criminal case coming up in February (related to the collapse of insurer HIH) and I don't need the profile. Your readers would blame me for the collapse of HIH, yet I was one of 10 non-executive directors. The one person they have heard of is me."

Memo to Rodney: Giving an exclusive about something like this to a Sunday tabloid isn't exactly going to help.