Sunday, September 05, 2004

how could they?

Only a psychopath could look into a child's terrified eyes and feel nothing. These murderers are obviously psychopaths. It strikes me that where our armies would surely deliberately screen out applicants who score high on measures of psychopathology, terrorist recruiters probably deliberately screen them in. Wouldn't surprise me at all.

by the way In the post below, commenter Parallel asks if I "see this [Ruddock's comments] as "exploiting" the tragedy merely because you don't like the speakers". It's true I've been wondering whether perhaps I could be accused of opportunistically polilticising the situation myself, by referring to it on a blog that's obviously anti-Liberal.
But I reckon I would've said the same thing if a Labor (or other) minister had come out with that. Regular readers know that I disapprove of Howard but that I don't automatically support Labor either. I have criticised Labor on this blog a number of times (for instance just below, in the post about Latham on Sunrise, where I said Labor should bring out their policies already).
Parallel asks, "Should Mark Latham mention Iraqi casualties in the course of criticising Howard's foreign policy, is that "exploiting" them?" the difference is our country's direct involvement in that conflict (ie Howard's foreign policy). Surely that makes it a legitimate topic.
This tragedy wasn't about us or our election. It's not an opportunity for tacking "...and that's why you should vote Liberal" onto it.