Sunday, September 19, 2004

the devil we know

Some days I suspect that Howard might still romp it in. That people might just go "better give Latham another three years to learn the ropes and prove himself". I mean, maybe a "Greying Australia" doesn't really mind the idea of having a Greying Prime Minister, instead of some young whippersnapper. Wasn't there a poll last week saying Howard's capturing the Golden Oldies' vote? The Labor focus on "generational change" was probably a mistake. Never mind.
Also, in times of geopolitical uncertainty (we're still a nation at war after all), people might prioritise the economy, because everyone's madly "cocooning" and battening down the hatches (and racking up record household debt; when's that coming home to roost, I wonder).
Anyway, I've decided to stop blogging about politics here for a while in the interests of centralising blogospheric debate (ie. go where the action is). So if I have something to say on the upcoming election I will most likely head to the usual suspects on the blogroll and say it over there.
Just one last thing, have you noticed how those of us in the Anyone-But-Howard camp are constantly being derided as "Howard-haters"? As someone commented somewhere (sorry, I didn't note who), this is a last-ditch attempt by the Coalition to make us look irrational. I don't hate Howard personally at all, I don't even know the guy. We're judging the guy on his record of behavior on the job, not his personality.