Sunday, August 29, 2004

people like that

Watcing John Howard on the TV news last night as he wearily stepped down off his plane, he looked so dejected, so clearly harassed by all the bad publicity, that I almost felt sorry for him. Until I remembered how, in the leadup to the last election, he had blatantly demonised asylum seekers by repeating the claim they threw their kids into the water, a claim we all now know he had been told simply wasn't true. And I remember very distinctly how he said, with a sneer, "I don't want people like that coming into this country". What is even worse than his deceiving the Australian public is that he has not seen fit to apologise to those asylum seekers in the years since. Perhaps that would be the only way he could redeem himself now, if he were to come out and publicly apologise to them. But I know he's just too gutless to do so.
Sorry, John. We don't want people like you running this country.