Tuesday, August 24, 2004

barbed liar

Just been watching John Howard on the Today show. Apart from his whimpering that the Labor Party's ongoing focus on his record of misleading the public is nothing but "cheap personal attacks" and "slagging off" and "playing the man, not the ball", the PM gave a revealing response when anchor Steve Liebmann asked about his views on children in detention (paraphrased):

Howard: And I mean, if the mothers would agree to the community arrangements, the children wouldn't even be in detention!

Liebmann: So you're saying it's their fault.

Howard: No, I'm not saying it's their fault.

Excuse me? Does he think we are completely stupid? He threw that comment in with the sole intention of absolving himself and shifting the blame onto the children's mothers. I mean, how else can that comment be interpreted? Frankly, it's just a variation on the theme of refugees throwing their children overboard; namely, that they throw their children behind barbed wire. Disgusting.