Friday, July 09, 2004

what's wrong with this picture?

Forgive the obsession with our PM's rhetoric lately, but a lot of this stuff is just laughable.

"We've left behind a period of navel-gazing about our national identity. Australia has lifted its head up again."

What a load of cobblers. Many Australians have become more confused about our national identity since the Howard Government has been in power. In fact it feels like we've been forced to do more navel-gazing than ever before. I used to feel proud to be Australian, proud of 'multiculturalism' and the spirit of openness and fairness we seemed to have. It feels like that vibe has all but gone.
"Australian society is not something to be constantly moulded and prodded by hyperactive politicians."

This is a tad hypocritical, isn't it? What about enforcing patriotism by tying school funding to flag-waving? And what about Peter Costello's desire for a more religious society:
"We need a return to faith and the values which have made our country strong," he said. "The editorial writers may not understand it but I want to say to you more lives have been transformed by faith in Christ than by editorial writers."

Uh-huh, what we really need is uncritical, unwavering, blind faith in imaginary friends. (And apologies to my God-fearing readers--there might be one?--but sometimes I get quite annoyed about these guys' lack of respect for atheists.)
"A fair and decent society also relies on some common values that bind us together – respect for social rules, a degree of tolerance and openness towards differing beliefs, recognition of personal responsibility."

Yeah, "a degree" of tolerance and openness is all this Government can manage. Sad.
"While our health system is not perfect, I often say that you are better off falling sick in Brisbane, rather than in Birmingham or the Bronx. We have struck a sensible balance – one that avoids the excessive government control of a system like that in the UK or one that lets too many people fall through the cracks like that in the US."

Gee, what anti-Americanism! How dare he? Someone get Armitage on the phone.
"Australians tend to be suspicious of politicians who preach too much."

Oh, the irony...