Tuesday, June 29, 2004

kruse in for a bruisin'?

Someone landed at my site today after doing a search for Labor's Giovanna Kozary, who I mentioned in passing the other day. Following that link back to the search, I was amazed to find that the top search result also mentioned my first-ever boyfriend, Bill Kruse, who I dated when we were about 14. Even back then I remember he was a pragmatic idealist; for instance, he was heavily involved with the United Nations Youth Association. Now he's a PhD in anthropology, and he's spent many years working with remote indigenous communities. Anyway, last time I saw Bill was at his wedding reception in Melbourne some years ago, and I don't recall him saying anything about going into politics. Then again, I was pretty drunk at the time! However, it seems he's now the Labor candidate for the seat of Curtin, having moved to WA with his wife. Apparently it's a safe Liberal seat, but if anyone can change that, it's Bill. So good on him.