Monday, June 28, 2004


I love reading Grassroots magazine (no website, alas). I like how readers will write in to the 'feedback' section and say, hi, I’m artist. Can I come and live on your land for free?. Now why didn’t I think of that? They often get quite specific about what they are looking for: Maybe it even has some water such as a river around so I can go for a paddle, or some good walks. Ah yes, lovely. But do you mean to say there are really people out there who are so altruistic they would invite total strangers to come live rent-free on their land? Maybe I’m too cynical.
Other things that would never occur to me until I read them in Grassroots are, for example, tips for how you can save money and energy by switching off your fridge in the winter months. I might try this at home: my house is insanely cold. The living areas are all open plan making it virtually impossible to heat up. I was planning to buy a second oil heater, until I got my energy bill the other day--it's already twice the previous one, and that's just with one lowly small oil heater. Argh! So it looks like I’m going to have to keep shlepping the heater from the living room to the bedroom and back every day. (Note: Harley's back in bed with me because he's refusing to sleep in the cot, but more on that another time.)
It’s unbelievably cold up here. I don’t remember Sydney ever being this cold. I don’t remember what my body looks like anymore, I’m never naked long enough. But I don’t really mind the cold that much; I just wear three layers of everything. The problem is that if Harley’s rugged up that way, it limits his movement and he needs to practice his rolling technique. It’ s a problem, but the Australian winter isn’t that long, so I think we’ll get through it. I hope.