Monday, June 07, 2004

almost like a dance

It’s been so nice sleeping next to a baby. I’ve been sleeping with him for almost four months. It just sort of happened that way. He has a perfectly decent nursery but didn’t like his cot at the beginning and I didn’t pursue it. The instinct to keep him close was too strong. I don’t really buy into the horror stories about squashing them in your sleep. You’re too conscious of the baby’s presence; you sleep lightly. In fact there was something on co-sleeping in the Sun-Herald’s weekend magazine the other week (no link, sorry):

”There’s been research observing mothers and babies sleeping together and it shows that even in the deepest sleep mothers are still very aware of their babies’ presence. They move to accommodate each other – almost like a dance – and mothers give their babies attention while both are sleeping.”

But nice as it is, it can't go on like this forever. You tend to disturb each other a fair bit and don't sleep as well, so I've been getting him into the cot more and more. My heart did break just a little the first time he slept in his own bed. The first of many separations, I guess.