Friday, May 14, 2004

more fool me

I got a bit carried away in my eagerness to sample the new Blogger features, and overlooked the fact that their new comments system is completely ridiculous, given you can only comment if you have a Blogger registration yourself, or as "Anonymous". What sort of pathetic comment system is that? Why can't people comment under their own name, with a link to their own site whether or not it's hosted with Blogger? With its little plan to get commenters to link to their Blogger profile, Blogger seems to think it is Friendster.
I guess I'll be adding code for Haloscan comments to this template. Which means they won't be integrated with post pages after all. Oh well. Either that or people can go ahead and comment as "Anonymous", manually typing in their site details. But that seems a bit of an ask. Besides, the whole thing would look a bit 'Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich'.
Someone asked me why I didn't just enable new Blogger comments on my old site and pick a new template to get the new bells and whistles. Well, I guess I could've, but I had customised the last template so much, I would've had to start from scratch with a new one anyway. So I figured it would be just as easy to keep the old archives as they are and start anew.
I thought wrong, obviously. Never mind...soldier on, I guess.