Saturday, May 15, 2004

and the beatles go on

Here's something for fans of the Fab Four:

June 2004 is the 40th Anniversary of The Beatles one & only tour of Australia. THE BEATELS are proud to announce, in association with, a HUGE national tour celebrating those historic shows. So far, the following dates have been announced:
Melbourne: Her Majesty's Theatre - June 15, 16 & 17
Sydney: Cremorne Orpheum - June 20 & 21
Perth: His Majesty's Theatre - June 23 & 24
Brisbane: Brisbane Concert Hall - June 29 & 30
These shows will feature footage of The Beatles live in Australia, as well as live perfomances by THE BEATELS. The show on June 15 will be a special Gala show where we will share the stage with none other than Pete Best, the original drummer for The Beatles, as well as Russell Morris, Daryl Cotton & Jim Keayes.

And here's something just for my mate Neil, who performs as Ringo in the Beatels: Beatallica (the Beatles in the key of Metallica). Songs include "Blackened the USSR", "I Wanna Choke Your Band", and "Hey, Dude":
Hey, dude-it'z true not sad
Take a thrash song and make it better
Remembah! That metal iz in your heart
Then you can start to be a fretter

Argh. (Via transbuddha)